How to Download and Edit Pictures and Images

What else says Merry Christmas better than a gift that was personally made by you…

The video above lays out the steps for making a personalized Christmas eCard that can be delivered on the same day it’s made – and for free, too.

How to use the video:

  • Click on it (anywhere) to make it play

  • Watch the video 3x times in a row (seriously)

  • Then on the 4th viewing, follow along by opening a New Tab and visit the same websites that I visit in the video

  • Pause the video (click on it) after each website to mentally absorb what you just saw

  • Apply each lesson, for each website, as you watch me accomplish things throughout the video

  • Rewind as much as you need to by clicking anywhere on the lower red and grey bar (mouse-over the video to see the bar)

Have fun creating!

I’d love to help you with this. Leave a comment below if you get stuck anywhere in the process.

And after the holidays, after you’ve loaded up on food, fun and pictures… there’s a slideshow for you below that takes you through the process of connecting a device to a computer to upload pictures.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Thank you for making this season so special.

Yours truly,Merry-Christmas_from-AbelAbel Alvarez

As always, be sure to visit to get the latest updates on computer lab training sessions, General Meeting information, plus local SIG (special interest group) membership.

Keep on Clickin!


One thought on “How to Download and Edit Pictures and Images

  1. Such a nice lesson to share with us, Abel. Thanks so much for your continued efforts to help us all improve our skills. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours–all to all my fellow computing seniors who happen to read this!! Kay Kellogg


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